Delmas Domain

Brief : Growing facilities and wine production, bottle storage

Construction date : 2002
Address : 11190 ANTUGNAC AUDE (FRANCE).
Architect(s) : FRAISSE Alain, architect
Client(s) : Mr. Bernard and Mrs Marlène DELMAS
Area : 600 m2
Contractor(s) : Not given
Photography : © ALAIN FRAISSE.

photo 1 de la fiche 81

The Delmas domain is situated in the heart of the Aude valley at the entrance to a small winegrowing village. The new buildings are implanted close to the road. They are linked together by walls in Vers stonework. These walls participate in the thermal insulation of the installations. The large horizontal elements, which tie the building to the landscape, also bring shadow and protection from the winds. They serve as supports to the two volumes which use a metal structure, built to the rear (a vast barrel house and growing facilities). The latter, treated in profiled metal sheeting, are conceived to be as simple as possible in order to respond to the functional production needs. Partly organised on two levels, the principal building is extended over the stone facade, the extended element being pierced by a large opening.

Union régionale des caue du centre
Ministère de l'agriculture et de la pêche
Ministère de la culture et de la communication

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