Agricultural accommodation for the Château Chasse Spleen

Brief : Wineworkers garages, cleaning zone, plantcare area, storage, various technical zones, living areas, offices, meeting rooms

Construction date : 2005
Address : 2558 Grand Poujeaux Sud 33480 MOULIS-EN-MEDOC GIRONDE (FRANCE).
Architect(s) : LANOIRE & COURRIAN, architects
Client(s) : Château Chasse Spleen SA
Area : 2300 m2
Contractor(s) : Not given
Press : D'Architectures n°164, May 2007 ; A+D n°28/2007 ; AMC n°166, December 2006 - January 2007
Photography : © Jacky CHRETIEN.

photo 1 de la fiche 78

The entire brief for this new agricultural centre is contained within two horizontal buildings. These sheds take traditional regional forms where each building responds to its specific function. From a landscaping perspective, the buildings’ dimensions (100m long, 8m wide and 6.5m high) have been established in order to create a long line which participates in the scenic qualities of the site. The graphic effect is reinforced by the use of identical materials for the roof and the facades : undulating fibrous cement panels with an anthracite tint. This material covers a galvanised steel structure. The two buildings are organised in parallel, following the functional logic of vineyard plantations. They compose a service yard onto which the majority of the openings are orientated. This construction was the focus of an exhibition at the ARC-EN-REVE Architectural Centre in Bordeaux in december 2007.

Union régionale des caue du centre
Ministère de l'agriculture et de la pêche
Ministère de la culture et de la communication

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