Agricultural shed

Brief : Shed

Construction date : 2001
Address : Kerbozec 56780 ILE-AUX-MOINES MORBIHAN (FRANCE).
Architect(s) : LE POURVEER Bruno, architect
Client(s) : Conservatoire du littoral et des rivages lacustres
Area : 160 m2 (net area)
Contractor(s) : Not given
Photography : © Serge DEMAILLY.

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The project consisted of an agricultural shed to replace an existing facility on the same site, built in reinforced cement, entirely prefabricated, extremely decayed with a disasterous visual impact on the landscape and far removed from the image that the Littoral region wished to convey. Situated at the extreme southern end of the Ile aux Moines at a locality known as Kerbozec, this shed houses the maintenance services for the land belonging to the Conservatoire. Entirely fixed by the dimensions of the older building, it is situated close to an ensemble of housing units. Its concrete gable end echoes the facades of the surrounding buildings. The columns in rough concrete every 4m support a roof complex in glued laminated timber with a curved bottom beam to allow the passage of tractors. The south and north facades are finished with prefabricated red cedar panels. The natural slope of the land allows the inclusion of a large volume to the east for the largest agricultural machinery. To the west, a closed building allows for the storage of smaller material and its maintenance. For the facades, the facing panels become larger as they follow the slope. The restricted height of the whole preserves the horizon as seen from the road and the nearby housing. The roof is finished in black, asbestos-free fibrous cement. The large roof overhangs avoid the need for gutters whilst a drain around the periphery, as well as a concrete base, prevent the rising of water levels up to the timber cladding. The building was selected for the Brittany Architecture Prize in 2002. It was also also retained for a national campaign for “architectural quality”.

Union régionale des caue du centre
Ministère de l'agriculture et de la pêche
Ministère de la culture et de la communication

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