Sheep pens at Mérindol

Brief : Sheep pens and sheperd’s shelter

Construction date : 1994
Address : Les Plaines 84360 MERINDOL VAUCLUSE (FRANCE).
Architect(s) : ELY Pierre, architect
Client(s) : Commune de Mérindol
Area : 530 m2
Technical(s) adviser(s) : conseiller G.D.A. Elevage, pastoral consultants ; CERPAM, Lubéron national park technicians ; Maison régional de l'élevage à Manosque breeding facility consultants..
Contractor(s) : Not given
Press : Architecture contemporaine et agriculture 2003 - CD ROM, CAUE du Loiret ; Ministy of Culture and Communication - DAPA ; FN CAUE
Photography : © HC - CAUE du Loiret.

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Technical consultant : Contractor(s) : This timber building is inserted into a clearing amongst the trees. The sheep pens have been built as a response to specific agrico-environmental conditions and are situated within a zone crossed by the herds. To the rear a shelter for the shepherd is integrated into the building; it houses in a single small block a number of small electric appliances and lavatory facilities. The architectural reflection has been focussed in particular on the play of shadows and light. The structure in round timber sections is placed at the exterior of the building whilst the cladding is posed horizontally fulfilling an important role in the play of shadows.

Union régionale des caue du centre
Ministère de l'agriculture et de la pêche
Ministère de la culture et de la communication

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