Pens for veal calves and storage building

Brief : Pen accommodation for veal calves, storage building (2001)

Construction date : 1999
Architect(s) : BERTONIER, architect
Client(s) : Not given
Area : Not given
Contractor(s) : PASCAUD et Fils
Photography : © Mathieu HUSSON (CAUE de la Meurthe-et-Moselle).

photo 1 de la fiche 23

This building is constructed in close proximity to a nearby village. The slight slope of the site has been exploited in the interior planning of the building by a series of differing levels of concrete slabs : the feeding alley in the highest zone, the calf cleaning area at a lower level and the sleeping zone at the very lowest level. The whole of the covered area, including the treatment room which faces North, receive sunlight thanks to the shed-style architectural form which is used at roof level. This original approach allows for short spans at roof level and, as a consequence, a reduction in the sections needed for the timber roof structure. The planting of local tree types (ash) to provide shadow for the animals in the pastures, fruit trees and a vegetable garden will help to maximise the integration of the whole in the years to come. Low hedges have been planted using local plant species to visually mask the waste pit and the storage building.

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